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Space Shooter Roguelike

This project is my final year project at university, which I have spent more time on after I graduated. I planned to set the game up as a dungeon in a traditional roguelike, with planets replacing rooms and star systems replacing the floors of the dungeon.  My goal was to create a game which would allow me to challenge myself and develop my programming skills.


  • Created a system to generate new star systems which controls system name, star colour, number of planets, types of planets etc.

  • Developed an omnidirectional player controller which aims to feel natural and responsive

  • Implemented a weapon system that splits weapons into three types: Blasters, Secondaries and non-lethal Abilities, these are stored and used by an inventory and loot system

  • Developed an AI which can patrol, attack and evade the player

2D Platformer

This project was made in my second year at university using Unity and C#. I wanted to create a game from a popular genre to familiarise myself with its design concepts. I also created some pixel art to use alongside assets from the Unity Asset store.


  • Developed a character with responsive movement that could attack, double jump and slide on walls

  • Created pixel art to use alongside the downloaded assets

  • Created multiple enemy types and implemented the AI behaviours used

  • Designed multiple levels for the player to complete

Destruction Derby Design Test

This project was one of my third year assignments. The task was to create a prototype of the Destruction Derby series in Unreal Engine 4. I decided to develop a free for all car deathmatch against AI.


  • Created a car controller using the UE4 Wheeled Vehicle blueprint.

  • Designed AI to target and chase other cars, freeing themselves if they become stuck

  • Implemented a physics based damage system to create realistic damage values

Wild Guns Design Test

This project was another third year assignment. The task was to create a prototype using elements of the Wild Guns series in Unreal Engine 4. I recreated the shooting gallery gameplay and arcade style scoring system.


  • Designed a wave system using different spawners to stagger enemy spawn timings

  • Developed a deadeye inspired mechanic, along with weapon power ups

  • Added a boss enemy at the end of the level with multiple attacks

  • Built a shooting gallery level using UE4 assets

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